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Haleshi Mahadev

The most famous natural cave called Haleshi Mahadev Temple in Khotang District is said to have been the abode of Mahadeva while hiding away from the monster Bhasmasur. It is an important pilgrimage centre located in east Nepal for both Hindus and Buddhist.
The cave is nicknamed ‘the Pashupatinath of the east’. Hindus from India come to visit here during the month of Shrawan to pray to Haleshi Mahadev. It is believed that Lord Shiva hide from the demon Bhasmasur for 6,000 years in this cave. During the holidays of Rama Navami, Mahashivaratri, Ganesh Chaturthi and Balachaturdasi, fairs and festivities are held in the area.
Mandarava and Padmasambhava realised a number of terma that had been elementally encoded in the cave (also the Halesi-Maratika Caves) by Dakini Sangwa Yeshe. These terma number among the longevity teachings of Buddha Amitabha, and were given at the behest of Bodhisattva Avalokiteswara. It is here, at the cave, that Mandarava and Padmasambhava attained the Vidyadhara of longevity (or long life).
This cave is 67 feet below the surface. It is a tourist destination Place. Its entrance is shaped as a half moon and faces towards the east. The location of this cave lies between the holy rivers Dudh Koshi and Sun Kosi. This place is usually cold and rainy.

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